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QuickStart Business Services, LLC is a locally owned company comprised of experienced and driven technology experts located in the hub city of Alice, Texas. We are here to help South Texas business owners and managers reduce technology costs. We are a Managed Service Provider delivering technology solutions to help you save money while operating your business. We also provide solutions to help you grow your business!! We offer a free Network and Technologies Consultation to give you a strong understanding of where your business currently stands with technology and the associated expenditures related to operating.

Consulting Division

Once we complete our free Network and Technologies Consultation we propose a plan on equipment, upgrades, software, voice/data services, security/alarm and web services to meet the demands of your business. We focus on both short term and long term goals with a budget based methodology focused on achieving these goals.

Oilfield Services

We provide the latest technologies in Surveillance, Alarm, Wireless, Networking to any location. We can provide access to systems across the state of Texas and beyond. We can also build out custom solutions integrating hardware and software to deliver the data you need.


Managed Support

We provide technical support agreements to manage all the technology in your business. This allows you to have a fixed cost for support so you can focus on your business. We also provide consultants to discuss the needs of your business.

Tech Deployment

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable Solution Engineers have worked in various professional environments and companies. Over the years we have serviced Oil Field Companies, Medical Offices, Major Retail Stores, Non-Profits, Corporations, Small Businesses, and local Government Agencies.

Tech Solutions

QuickStart Business Services is driven to deliver the best solutions to help your business grow, Whether it be a new buildings Surveillance System, Alarm System, Cable Runs, Fiber Optic, Dell Server, Lenovo WorkStations, Software Upgrades, or a cloud based phone system.

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Perfect Services

Over the years, QuickStart Business Services has built up a focused set of services to provide our customers. These services target every aspect of communication. . We provide services to help reduce costs and provide efficiency in the work place.

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24/7 Support

Our team of experienced desktop support agents are ready to be there when you need us. We provide support to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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